El Paso, TX – Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua
Juan de Oñate Expedition, 1598

Four hundred years ago, Spanish explorers measured success by the amounts of silver and gold “treasures” they found. Don Juan de Oñate, commonly known as “The Last Conquistador”, sent small search parties in all directions to search for treasure. After a 700-mile miracle trek through the desert and mountains of Chihuahua, he carved out a shorter trail through Ciudad Juarez to present day El Paso.

This trail was later to become known as the Chihuahua Trail, part of the famed Camino Real, the trail which he forged, that would eventually become the backbone of land travel and commerce between USA and Mexico. No silver or gold was found, but the expedition continued into what is now this region with optimism that gold would be found.

Oñate’s expedition traveled several miles west to ford the Rio Grande at a place where the Hacienda Café stands. Oñate called the site El Paso, or in English “The Pass,” naming a city that would not exist for a couple of centuries. It took them four more months to reach their destination north of present-day Santa Fe, but the history of El Paso/Cd. Juarez as we know it had begun.

Fast forward 400 plus years and “The Pass” is the largest land crossing of trade between USA and Mexico. Many are not aware of this alarming statistic.

With about $85bn in trade crossing between El Paso and Cd. Juarez yearly, in an intertwining of economies, that makes this the fourth largest manufacturing hub in North America.

For every 4 jobs created in Mexico, there is one high wage job created in the USA. There are 300 plus cross border businesses and manufacturers in the El Paso/Juarez region alone. 60% of the raw materials going into these Mexico plants, with eventual return to the USA in the form of a finished product, are made by US companies. The USA and Mexico do not trade, in the true definition of what “trade” is, we “trade” by building products together.

After many years of working with Hector Nunez, EXPO-MRO Founder and President, the entire borderplex region of El Paso, Cd. Juarez and Santa Teresa, NM must work to promote itself in what it is best known for – Manufacturing and Assembly and quite heavily, I might add, in the wire and cable industries.  El Paso cannot do without Cd. Juarez and Cd. Juarez without El Paso.  In jointly promoting the area we feel that is what was makes both cities great in their individuality – together.

We hope that you find opportunity for you and your companies and truly enjoy the upcoming “treasures” of the 3rd M-EXPO and 9th EXPO-MRO. Our M-EXPO/EXPO-MRO teams are here to serve you. Feel free to reach out to any of us in your visit of our show and conferences.


Gustavo Farell
M-Expo Founder