By Christine Siebert
USA – Mexico Trade is not about selling to each other – it is about building things TOGETHER. The Mexican State of Chihuahua and the city of Cd. Juárez is an easy place to start. Doing business in Mexico within wire and cable assemblies, wire harnesses and other related processes has become a large market for many organizations. Finding the right area of Mexico can be challenging with a population of 132.2 million. Now, I’m here to tell you some interesting facts about the State of Chihuahua and the city of Cd. Juárez that should develop your interest to growing your Wiring Harness business in this area.

The State of Chihuahua has been nicknamed “The Wiring Harness Capital of the World” or “the valley of harnesses” due to harness manufacturing being a highly skilled and complex industry.  The harness maquiladora industry located in Cd. Juárez involves world-class harness production, that includes innovation, organization, technology following ISO, ITAR, TS and other customer standards.  Cd. Juárez is the largest city in the State of Chihuahua bordering with El Paso, Texas and Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

Interesting Population and Logistical Facts:

  • The State of Chihuahua has over 3.5 million people
  • Juárez is the most populous city in the Mexican State of Chihuahua with 1.4 million people
  • Juárez shares its borders with both Texas and New Mexico with total of 10 Border crossing and 5 Ports of entry
  • 29,391,513 crossings in 2017 among all bridges combined
  • Juárez is a major point of entry and transportation into the U.S. for all of central northern México

Interesting Manufacturing Facts in Cd. Juárez:

  • Among Mexico’s largest Manufacturing Centers
    • Over 300,000 mfg jobs
    • 0ver 320 “IMMEX” plants
    • Main markets: Automotive, Appliance, Aerospace, Electronics, Industrial, Metal
  • Over $99 billion in US-Mexico Trade (2016)
    • $55 billion exports
    • $45 billion imports
  • Over 550 manufacturing operations

With the advanced manufacturing “know-how” of this advanced region, the preferential access to the foreign markets, the highly trained workforce in wiring harness and competitive labor force, why wouldn’t you do business in the State of Chihuahua and Cd. Juárez?

I hope I’ve given you some great reasons to check out the area and either expand your business or showcase your products to some of the businesses in these areas. There is already a great manufacturing presence in this area if you are a supplier to the wire harness industry. There is massive potential and tremendous interest for wire & cable processing equipment, tools, materials and technology suppliers and distributors.

That is why a local show about wire and cable processing technologies was created to give Suppliers an opportunity to exhibit to qualified decision makers of International firms and national businesses in this local region of Cd. Juárez. I am referring to the 3rd Annual M-EXPO Wire Processing Technology event. This event is co-located with the EXPO-MRO, at the Cuatro Siglos Convention Center on October 9th-11th, 2019. This three-day event is a high energy show and the are booths are constantly buzzing with conversations while connections are being made.

If you’re looking to expand into México’s Wire Processing Industry, this is the opportunity to showcase your latest wire and cable processing equipment, tools, materials and technologies. M-EXPO gives you the opportunity to exhibit to qualified decision makers. They are in search of suppliers with latest technology and equipment to assist them in improving their processes and overall competitiveness.

If you’re looking to expand into the Maquiladora Industry, you do not want to miss M-EXPO!


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