M-EXPO Opportunity for Suppliers/Equipment Manufacturers

Are you looking for the right opportunity to grow your business? Do you want to get in on the ground floor of the hottest new EXPO? Then come on down, right over the Southern US border to Cd. Juárez, México, in the State of Chihuahua, aka “the Wiring Harness Capital...

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A Tale of 2 Cities, One Goal

El Paso, TX – Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua Juan de Oñate Expedition, 1598 Four hundred years ago, Spanish explorers measured success by the amounts of silver and gold “treasures” they found. Don Juan de Oñate, commonly known as “The Last Conquistador”, sent small search...

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It Only Makes Sense

I have been working with wire and cable assemblies, wire harnesses and related processes in the Mexico Manufacturing Industry for 33 years now and back in ’86 there was talk of the raw material supply chain getting closer to its assembly customers in Mexico to better support their needs. Common sense, the closer the supply chain the better.

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