By Christine Siebert

START YOUR ENGINES… we’ve all heard this used at the starting line. It’s a famous expression. But think about it, we do this every day, even multiple times a day, we start the engines of our cars. We put the key in the ignition, turn and it starts. Wow! Of course, we know it’s more complicated than that.

A critical piece to an engine is the wire harness. It is a set of wires, connectors, and terminals that transmits information and electric power to deliver function to the vehicle. An average car uses many wires, when stretched out, they can extend for miles. The market requires specific standards for the cable harnesses, especially for safety reasons since this could lead to major electrical issues. It is important to find the right harness manufacturer and/or supplier to give you the assurance that they understand the market’s specific safety standards so that your wire harnesses are without defects and safe to use.

Northern Mexico, namely the State of Chihuahua, aka, “the Wiring Harness Capital of the World!”, is very familiar with this the wiring harness industry especially in the automotive sector. This is also where you will find “The 3rd Annual M-EXPO’s Wire Processing Technology Event” where you can network with manufacturers and visit with exhibitors who specialize in automotive wire and cable processing equipment, tools, materials, services and technologies. Some of the exhibitors are Komax, HellermanTyton, Mecalbi, Allied Electronics & Automation, Grafoplast Wiremarkers, Cirris, Cadonix, Schleuniger, Tech-sonic, Bitech, Shawcor, Lone Star, and many more…

M-EXPO will also be holding sessions on the three days for our attendees to learn more about the wire harness market. Session topics: What is IPC/WHMA?, Crimping beyond the basics, Ultrasonic Welding, Rework & Repair, Managing the Risks of your Supply Chain and Wiring Harness Software. There is no doubt you will learn something new at each of these sessions. Make a plan to attend.
The M-EXPO is co-located with the EXPO-MRO at the Cuatro Siglos Convention Center on October 9th-11th, 2019. If you’re looking to find the latest in Automotive Wire Processing Technologies, you do not want to miss M-EXPO! Contact Ricardo Aguirre at 915-304-4291 or or visit our website at for more information.

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